1 Million People Take Part in the Biggest Protest Ever

Nearly one million people joined at the streets of the Chilean capital on Friday to protest the rules of the government that made the situation worst over economic inequality.

People congregated on wide avenues in Santiago as they marched to the capital’s central square to join “the biggest march in Chile” against the government of President Sebastian Pinera. Earlier, the truck drivers and some public transport workers also went on strike around Santiago.

“Chile lives a historic day today. The Santiago metropolitan region is the protagonist of a peaceful march of about 1 million people who represent the dream of a new Chile,” Mayor Karla Rubilar wrote on Twitter.

“The massive, joyful and peaceful march today, where Chileans asked for a fairer and more supportive Chile, opens the road for the future and hope,” Pinera had said in a tweet on Friday evening. “We have all heard the message. We have all changed. With unity and help from God, we will walk the path to a Chile better for everyone.”

During this protest, nearly 19 people have died and the government decided to declare a state of emergency as well as implement the curfews after rioters torched metro stations and destroyed the property also. Many people got injured and over 7,000 were arrested in the situation that soldiers had to come onto the streets.

The issue was triggered with the inequality in one of Latin America’s richest countries as they ask a small increase in metro fairs in the capital but they have have morphed into a broader show. However, not only this, that include an increase in the minimum usable things and the lowest state pensions also.

In an interview with DW’s Spanish service, Teodoro Ribera, the Foreign Minister asked to deflect blame for the social tensions away from the government as well.

“The causes are not located in the current government. They probably come from two, three or four governments before,” he said. “Our concern is that human rights are effectively respected. This includes public order so that the public and private property is not destroyed.”

Pinera, on the other hand, has been associated with the post since last year, but he has served an earlier term as president from 2010 to 2014 as well.

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