10 Best Ways to Celebrate Earth Day 2021

Nature has given us things without which life is impossible. But what we are doing to it is taking away all the resources in our greed. In return, we are leaving all the waste on the Earth without even disposing them off properly, leading to hazardous consequences.

Unlike every year, make this Earth day really cherishing for Earth by doing things that make life better on Earth.

1. Plant a tree and ask everybody around you to do the same.

2. Organize a contest inviting people to participate it that aims to make Earth green or clean.

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3. Clean your surroundings. (Not just your home but area around you).

4. Recycle your old bottles, jars and other waste to make something good out of it.

5. Replace your chemical-based products with natural, home-made and organic products.

6. Look out for leakages in your taps, bathrooms and pipes. Get them fixed to prevent water from leaking amd getting wasted.

7. Organise a workshop or a seminar on keeping earth clean and green, educating people about it.

8. Visit a primary school and engage children in some activities related to Earth Day.

9. Replace your plastic bag and bottles with reusable or paper bags and glass bottles.

10. Share positive Quotes with people to make them aware and concerned for the planet.

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