10 Amazing Photography hacks you can use

Looking for some insta-worthy photography poses for outdoor photoshoots, but don’t have much time to pose? Don’t worry, we’ve  got 10 amazing photography hacks for you.

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Check out the video and read the article given below to figure out how to go about it!

1- In the Air

Are you obsessed with flying in the air posses? But does it seem impossible to you? Don’t worry, we’ve made it easy.

Here’s how you can go about it:

Find an old or partly burnt car standing by a road side. Stand over it with a newspaper in your hands. Kick the surface and jump in the air. Get it clicked by increasing the shutter speed of the camera. And you are done!

2- Cris-cross legs

Seen this pose many times, but clueless on how to capture? All you need to do is to wait for the cinema hall to empty, or any conference hall with chairs. Lie down on your back and raise your legs, as shown in the given picture.

3- Throw the camera

You may find it crazy, like seriously throwing off your camera just to pose? Lol, it’s not as stupid as it seems. All you need to have is a holder through which you can hang camera using a sting and pose like throwing it in the background.

4-  Chasing cigerette

This is the perfect one if you are a smoker or dying to smoke. Just like the previous one, it shows object flying in the air. You just need to replace the camera with the cigarette.

5- One eye pose

If your mirror has broke down, don’t throw it before clicking this picture! Take a mirror (Leaf shaped) , place it in front of one of your eyes and look straight! But ensure that you stand in a garden, as the reflection of greenery would give an astonishing look.

6- Look in the Mirror

If you like in a city with beaches or bridges, it’s just so simple for you! Hold a mirror and look into it. The background should be of an water body. Get it clicked from behind your back.

7- Shadow in the water

Find a place with some water on the ground, stand on the nearby surface, during the dusk period when the sky is blue. Get the pic captured in a manner that your shadow is clear in the water.

8- From the ground

Sit on the ground with support of your knees and get a low shot clicked, with camera tilted towards your face.


9- Over the bench

Sit on a bench lying in any nearby park. Keep your foot on the seat and support your back with its edge as shown in the picture below.

10- Stadium pose

In front of an attractive background of a metro platform or stadium, stand facing towards the wall, lookung straight. Get the picture clicked from the back, as a side angle shot.

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