10 signs that show breaking up was your best decision

Breakups are painful, no doubt. But it can teach you a lot of things and may become a life-changer. You may move towards a healthier and happier life after breakup, even if it hurts you.

Following are some signs that show breaking up was a fruitful decision for you.

1- You spend more time knowing yourself and Understanding what makes you happy, and how you react to certain things instead of always trying to keep the other happy. You have learner the power of self-love

2- A positive-self image is how you look at yourself. While you were in relationship, you kept on blaming yourself for everything.

3- You have started to enjoy your own company and accepted the fact that no one can love you more than you yourelf!

4- You feel the liberty to make our own decisions independently for little things such as attire for the day, where to go and what to do first. Which you weren’t able to, when you were with them.

5- You miss them but still feel your life’s been beautiful since they left and therefore you don’t want to get back to them.

6- Your relationship with friends and family has started to deepen, which wasn’t there because you didn’t look beyond your partner while you were with them.

7- You are able to focus more on your goals and achieve them. Earlier, you seem to be spending most of your time talking or fighting with them.

8- Your future seems to be intimidating but not suffocating and full of worries, like it used to be earlier.

9- You feel lonely at times, feel the need of someone to talk to, but not necessarily the same person you were with.

10- Pursuing new things or developing new hobbies has become a part of your life. You’ve started to explore many new things and find your interests.

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

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