10 Tips to crack online interviews

Times are challenging now. From working of schools and colleges to offices, everything has changed. Even interviews for that matter. Whether you are going to give an interview for your college admission or job, you would need to be cautious about certain things.

This is because most organisations have now started with online interviews, and it may be a boon or a bane to you depending on how well you are able to adapt it.

So, following are some tips and tricks that can help you crack online interviews:

1. Befriend application. By this i mean, download the application which your HR is going to use for the interview, well in advance. You should be clear of the platform.

2. Explore the interview application and features so that you feel very comfortable and do not require to find options.

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3. Find a quiet and comfortable corner or room.

4. Tell your family or roomies to not interrupt in between, as it can leave a negative impression.

5. Keep the room clean, at least the portion behind your back, which is will be visible in camera.

6. Dress formally. Interview is interview whether you are physically going to give it or it is online.

7. Make sure you have a stable internet connection.

8. Know all details of the job and company/organisation before starting off with the interview.

9.Be confident while speaking.

10. Do not hesitate to speak to them about any technical issues.

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