11 Important Tips for Female Intimate Hygiene

Intimate hygiene still remains a taboo in our society. But its importance can’t be undermined as our that is the most delicate area of our body is not giving enough time for its care can lead to infections and even serious diseases like cancer. Although the need for hygiene remains both in men and women, in this article we will focus on women’s intimate hygiene.

1. Keep your vagina dry. After you are done with peeing or pooping, ensure that you wipe the area well with a dry towel so that no moisture is left. Moisture can make the area itchy or cause infections.

2. When on periods, change your pads every 4-5 hours depending on your flow.

3. Try to replace your pads with menstrual cup as it is more hygienic as well as environmental and budget friendly.

4. Use protection or ask your partner to do so, to avoid STDs and even minor infections.

5. Immediately pass urine after having intercourse (to ensure nothing goes in) unless you are trying to conceive.

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6. Do not use soap to clean your vagina. It can clean itself by the way of discharge. Still if you wish to, look for a good intimate wash without chemicals.

7. Do not use perfumes or other beautifying products like shaving solutions on your vagina.

8. Change your panty everyday.

9. Use panty liners in case your discharge is spoiling your panty.

10. Remove pubic hair or cut them short but avoid shaving if its causing you some discomfort.

11. Do not hesitate to visit your gynaecologist in case you see any changes or issues in your intimate area.

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