11 Things to keep yourself entertained at home

1- Turn on your favourite games on PSP or indento switch and play with your family, rejoice the childhood memories again.

2-Read some useful books that you couldn’t, while you were busy in your schedule.

3-Gardening is yet another great option, find plan seeds from your kitchen , or if you have any sapling available, plant it in your gallery or in a pot.

3-Paint objects to decorate your home or simply do painting on a piece of paper , painting is one of the best ways to express your creativity.

4- If you do not have any board game or PSP, look for online games which you can play with your friends without physically meeting them.

5-Missing your friends or relatives during lockdown? Use technology and Video chat with your school-time friends on apps like Zoom, Google hangouts etc.

6-Internet rabit hole: Look for hot topics ajd hashtags on internet. Watch videos on youtube, play next suggested videos and find trending and interesting topics in browser.

7-Missing gyms and fitness goals? Home workout is the only means now, exercise at home, or do yoga.

8- Engage in DIY projects, make face packs and follow skin care routine, make home decor objects.

9-Clean your shelves, organise wardrobes and engage in household chores.

10- Watch Netflix, steam a TV show, concert or opera. It’s time to get back to all those episodes you missed due to lack of time.

11- Are you bored looking at same stuff every day? Get through a museum tour from your home , i.e a digital tour and mesmerize its art and culture.

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

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