11 Unbelievably Crazy Hotels in this World

We have mentioned about the various unbelievable places that actually exist on our earth. But what’s more fascinating are these crazy hotels. Some of them are so weird that it is hard to even expect them to exist.
Well, they certainly do. And for obvious reasons a hotel is the first place you would like into for staying in certain locations.
So check out our list of 11 crazy hotels; that you could visit in order to make your eyes brighten up with awe!

#1 Hotel La Montaña Mágica,Panguipulli, Chile

This hotel is just a perfect place if you are looking for a peaceful place. The place would have a number of great things to offer you. It has luxurious accommodations and really well-maintained rooms.


Although the place is a bit rural; still you can find a really high-class hotel that is called Hotel La Montaña Mágica. This Magic Mountain hotel in Chile’s Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve is something that would be perfectly at place in a Disney fairy tale. The hotel rises from the jungle floor like a huge stone monolith. Its exterior walls are covered in moss and plant growth and a huge waterfall sprouts from its top. The only way to get inside is through a shaky wooden drawbridge. People also call this place as heaven.

#2 Ice Hotel, Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

Remember that horrible James Bond movie where Pierce Brosnan has an invisible car and seduced damsels in a hotel made of ice?

You can now do the same in Sweden’s Ice Hotel; which books the claim to the world’s largest hotel made from snow and ice. The hotel melts down each year and has to be rebuilt from scratch; which also means that the hotel’s interiors and architecture keeps on changing. And make sure to bring along plenty of winter gear – temperatures can drop to minus 6 degrees inside!

#3 Sandcastle Hotel, Weymouth, UK

If you can have an ice hotel, it is only appropriate that you have a sand hotel as well. This is why sand sculptor came up with the sandcastle hotel on Weymouth beach in Dorset, UK.


Everything in the “hotel” is made of sand; (minus the roof – which doesn’t exist), from beds to walls to makeshift “windows”. It’s about as sturdy as you’d expect a sandcastle to be; and it’s probably not the best place to be in a rainstorm. But it costs just $15/night and the beach side itself is pretty enough to warrant a trip.

#4 Bubble Tree, France

Living in a bubble isn’t just for Glenda the Good Witch anymore. In France, you can see what it’s like for at least a night by booking a stay in one of designer Pierre Stéphane Dumas’s inflatable private pods. The see-through, surreal shelters are floating all over France in eight different nature-y locations; including 16th-century castle Château de la Forêt.

Guests have options when it comes to privacy (half-translucent bubbles are available); and size–a “Bubble Lodge” can be created by combining a smaller bubble to the main one; or a “Grand Lodge” by attaching two full-sized bubbles. And with a filter that removes all bugs, moisture, and allergens; along with ultraviolet-proof plastic. These glamorous orbs provide protection from the elements that’s much better than that of an actual bubble.

#5 Hotel Casanus, near Antwerp, Belgium

We’re not sure why you would, but if you’re ever compelled to spend the night in a giant sculpture of the human intestine, head to CasAnus in Belgium. The jaw-droppingly weird, bulbous sculpture is anatomically correct right down to the veins and lies coiled in a remote Belgian field.


But the place is definitely no “dump”: unlike human bowels, guests can enjoy a double bed, electricity, heat, and a full bathroom with hot water. Explains artist and CasAnus creator Joep Van Lieshout, “Our presentation is unfinished, in motion, unpolished, contradictory, untidy, complex, inharmonious,”–kind of like the human intestine, right?

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#6 Faralda NDSM Crane Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ever looked at a huge crane dangling 50 meters in the air and thought “I’d like to sleep there”?

The people running Faralda Crane hotel thought the same. Instead of ‘rooms’, each suite is located inside the crane which offers panoramic views of the surroundings. The suites are also surprisingly well furnished, though they won’t be too easy on your wallet. Aham, vertigo patients, of course, need not apply.

#7 Propeller Island City Lodge, Berlin, Germany

If the kooky, avant-garde ethos of Berlin could be captured in one hotel, it would be in the Propeller Island City Lodge. In fact, there’s a reason “hotel” isn’t in its name–a stay at Propeller Island is more akin to spending the night in a work of art.


Every room comprises a radically unique ambiance constructed entirely from the handiwork of German artist Lars Stroschen, including a peppy prison cell complete with coffin beds, a suite enveloped in mirror fragments, and a room where upside-down furniture dangles from the ceiling as you unpack your sunken bed from within the floor below.

#8 Giraffe Manor, Kenya

You can’t be stingy with your brunch at Kenya’s Giraffe Manor–one of the eight spotted, long-necked creatures who dwell on this sanctuary-like property will probably poke his head in for a snack, lick your plate clean and then amble away.


The friendly giraffes make this East African hotel, which dates to the 1930s, a surreal yet uniquely nostalgic historical establishment. Other safari animals abound on the 140-acre property–if you’re so inclined, stop by the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage and adopt a baby elephant before returning home.

#9 Palacio de Sal, Potosi, Bolivia

The good thing about staying in the Palacio de Sal hotel near the city of Uyuni in Bolivia is that you’ll never need to ask for the salt shaker with your dinner.

You see, the entire hotel is made from salt. The walls, the floors, the ceiling – literally everything is composed of hard, caked salt bricks. Even some of the furniture is made of salt, including tables, beds, and chairs. If that doesn’t come under ‘strange’, I don’t know what else does.

#10 Treehotel, Sweden

Having to haul your luggage up to a treetop perch is worth it when the dwelling is as undeniably cool as Sweden’s Treehotel. The vertiginous lodgings float ethereally in the evergreen forest outside of tiny Harads village, designed by top Swedish architects to present the ultimate in design innovation.


There’s a bird’s nest lookalike suite, an alien UFO suite, and a particularly futuristic suite that reflects the trees on all sides from its mirrored cubical walls. Guests ascend to their treetop roosts via ramp, bridge, or electric stairs. You might not want to leave the room, but just outside the Northern Lights, dog-sledding, and snow shoeing tempt in the winter, while summer touts excellent fishing and kayaking.

#11 Godiva Chocolate Suite, New York City, New York

So far, we’ve had a hotel made of ice, another made of sand, and one made entirely of salt. It’s only natural to now have a hotel made of chocolate. Yup all the Charlie & the Chocolate Factory maniacs, you must definitely check this place out!

Godiva, the chocolate maker, created this suite in Bryant Park Hotel in time for Valentine’s Day in 2008. Everything in the suite was made from chocolate (and real, edible chocolate at that) or is painted to look like chocolate, from the furniture to the dining plates to the wall paint.
Godiva repeated the exercise in 2009, though there’s no word whether we’ll see this suite anytime again soon.

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