12 Things to do when you are bored.

Ahh! Finally you have got an off from your work or studies. You woke up late, had your breakfast in the afternoon and watched your favourite shows. But now unable to figure out what to do! Feeling bored? Ughh.

Boredom is bound to happen. But sticking to your phone or being lost in your social media aren’t really some great ideas to spend your day.

Here we have some interesting things for you to do when you feel bored:

1- Enjoy food outdoors
If the weather outside is in your favour, go enjoy food at your favourite cafe or restaurant. You can choose a place that gives you facility of outdoors i.e. on terris or lawn. Enjoy the sunshine or breeze with your favourite food.

2- Do a workout
what could be better than utilizing your time for some good?
pull up your socks and be ready to sweat. Choose your favourite workout activities, it can be running, walking, exercising or any sports.

3- Plant a tree
Do something for environment. Planting trees can be one of the best ways to ulitize your time doing something good. Dig mud in a near by garden or outside your home. Bringing and sow some seeds, water it. And do it whenever you feel bored.

4- Go for a drive
Enjoying a drive in a good weather can be one of the best ways to spend your evening. Get ready with your bike/scooty or car, whatever you love the most. And go out for a ride, enjoying the surroundings and nearby places.

5- Paint your nails
For women, painting nails is no new deal. This time, paint your nails by experimenting with some great nail art design that you really loved watching. If you aren’t good with that, get it done by some designers.

6- Do a face mask
Taking care of your skin is what you’ll always enjoy doing. Grab a nourishing face mark or try out a DIY mask and apply it on your skin to overcome dullness, acne or skin breakouts.

7- Listen to your favourite songs
Listening to some old songs you really enjoyed, or maybe those on which you cannot resist dancing on, can be a great idea to overcome your boredom.

8- Get a haircut
Refresh your look with a quick trim. Go shorter for the upcoming scorching weather or get your hair a new color you really wanted.

9- Go on a movie marathon
Watch all your favourite movies you missed out. Or look for your favourite genres. Watching movies can be a great time-pass. And you won’t even realize when the time flew.

10- Try a new recipe
How about experimenting your hands on food? Try out a recipe you never made, but wished you could. May it be cake, pizza or a veggie. You’ll definitely enjoy eating it more this time, even if you end up sticking it to the pan.

11- Manage your closet
Isn’t this a nice idea to manage your wardrobe and look for the old pieces that really requires to be discarded. Keeping things sorted will even help you dress better.

12- Shop some essentials
There might be many things in your cart, but you haven’t check-out yet. Look for the necessary items and other house hold stuff that may get out of stock soon. Place your order and sit back calm.

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