15 Things to whisper in his ear

We humans are animals in bed. Men need to hear something special to boost their confidence and make you feel even better because feedback is necessary, yeah! So whispering something really romantic or seducing can give you a more pleasurable experience.

Following are 15 such things you can whisper in his ears:

1- I can’t wait to feel you inside

2- I don’t want this to stop

3-Let’s make this night unforgettable

4-You look hot in this position

5-You are making me wet

6- Ummmm, ummm, right there!

7- You taste soooo good!

8- I want you to kiss me right here..

9- Do it harder!

10- I can’t get enough of you, i feel like i’m addicted

11- Do you know that you are incredibly sexy?

12- Can you guess what color underwear am i wearing today?

13- You are really good at___

14- Make me do it baby

15- Thankyou, i will always love you for this!

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

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