16 Varieties of Styles and Types of Hats (Part 2)

In our previous post, we had mentioned about 10 various types or styles of hats. In this article we cover six more hats or caps. Hence read on to make the best effect of hats with any choice of your attire.

#11 – Boater Hats


It is easily to call off boater hats because of their name. “Why would I ever wear a boater hat, I’m not a boater.” While I’m sure that’s exactly what you’re thinking, I encourage you to take another chance on these toppers. Their flat top and flat brim, usually made of straw or a similar material, provide for a sleek look alongside structured clothing pieces, and even with a preppy style.

#12 – Bowler / Derby Hat 

The bowler hat is an iconic style that is typically seen in movies set in the 1800’s and early 1900’s . Bowler hats cannot be mistaken. They are typically a hard felt hat with a short brim of around 2 inches and a rounded crown.

#13 – Ivy Caps / Flat Caps 


The ivy cap and flat cap are a distinctive style that is growing in popularity among more fashion forward and trendy youth.  The ivy cap is distinguished by a low profile with a slightly rounded top that extends to the front of the hat and is sewn to the bill. Sometimes the bill sticks out a little for a different look while other times the crown and bill are perfectly matched. They can be made from any material but most often are constructed from wool, cotton, or polyester. It has the name flat cap because when laid on a table with the back of the style folded underneath it, it becomes perfectly flat.

#14 – Ascot Hats

An Ascot  hat is a traditional woolen hat design which is famously worn around the 1900´s. This type of hat for men is also called as the Lip pin cotton hat. The front part of the cap is round and hard which makes it a typical winter hat. The Ascot hat suits well as a formal as a semi-formal hat for men.

#15 – Tam 


The tam hat has increased in style as of late and can be found in many varieties. The base for it however is a loose fitting, crocheted weave style beanie hat that is worn off the back of the head. Aside from some men with dreadlocks or longer hair, this is a style that is usually worn by women.

#16 – Sun Hats

Sun hats were initially called the ‘lifeguard hats’, used by lifeguards who sit at the bay to provide them protection from the glaring sun and the scorching heat. These were usually made of straw or some other kind of plant fiber, and were pretty light. Just like all the other hats, these have gotten a makeover too and have changed with the times. Women seldom go on a beach vacation without wearing one of these. Wear it with bikinis, swimsuits, cover-ups, flowing dresses, and anything you want.

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Navaneetha Suresh

Navaneetha Suresh

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