18 Nail Art designs for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day can get so hectic, that you may not even pay attention to your nails. But, nails play an important role in displaying your personality and giving a cute impression. You may just feel like slapping a coat of red or pink nail paint and calling it a day, but this Valentine’s Day, try to  add a bit of tempering to it. Add some glitter, dots and beautiful hearts. These unexpectedly pretty nail art designs are the perfect way to stand out on February 14 and celebrate your valentine’s.

Can the trend of polka dot only be for clothes? Try this polka nail art this valentine.
This baby pink color nail design is elegant, along with a combination of black dots and heart.
Are you love tic tac toe, this nail art is perfect for you.
An absolutely stunning pink color with your lip impression.
Away from the pinks and reds of valentine, try out this purple along with a contrast of white.
Are there even any words to describe this classy art? Perhaps no! it’s a must try!
Isn’t the Valentine’s day incomplete without the word “LOVE”
You must try out this unique although cute design.
How about trying 5 different designs on each hand?
How about a sparky silver nail with a combination of red and white color?
Heart-shaped pink and red balloons on white base is just another fabulous idea for this Valentine.
This is yet another cute artistic design for your nails. Blow your hearts out, this valentine.
Who doesn’t love black? An absolutely stunning design.


If you are a fan of minions? This is a perfect design for you.


This white outlining will definitely add value to your Valentines.
Long silver heart, sparky nails are everyone’s favourite.
If you have big nails, this art is definitely one of the best options for you.


Your partner will love this red, criss-cross design with a contrast of white lip.


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