20 Game questions to ask your crush

Sometimes we start developing feelings for opposite sex. But, without realising whether or not they are made for us, have similar opinions/likes, we enter into a relationship with them. And what happens next?

The relationship doesn’t last long, because we didn’t even know the person. To avoid such situations and undergo heartbreak, it is anyway better to ask them some questions , so we can know them well and take decision wisely.

For this, what you can do is, ask them these questions in a game. Keep it as 20-question game and make them answer these honestly.

1. What is that you love doing?

2. What is the kind of personality you hate?

3. If you were to choose between money and happiness, what would you?

4. How many relationship you have had?

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5. Are you a virgin?

6. Do you think about marriage seriously?

7. Have you ever sent a nude to anyone?

8. What do you prefer indoor meets or outdoor hangouts?

9. Are you a short-tempered person?

10. Which part of a woman’s/man’s body, you like the most?

11. Has anyone seen you naked incidentally?

12. Do you like sex-chatting?

13. What is your daily routine like?

14. Have you ever ditched someone?

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15. Have you been ditched by anyone?

16. What are your career aspirations?

17. Are you ready for the commitment?

18. Do you prefer calling or texting?

19. Do you drink?

20. Do you like to hold hands/kiss publically?

Above questions will help you understand your partner better, and definitely make a wise choice.

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