20 Life Hacks Only For Women Which Make Them Unstoppable

As they say, women need more time to be ready, there are a couple of beauty hacks which they can apply to be ready in less time. Below are 20 life hacks that are a less time-consuming process.

1. Dry your hair with a t-shirt instead of a towel

Sometimes women dry their hair by the dryer or tied it in a towel. But it takes a lot of time to dry. If they use a t-shirt instead of a towel, hair gets dried faster as the cotton absorbs water faster and the fabric won’t cause any breakage.

#2. Use the flat iron to press out small wrinkles in your shirt

Sometimes when you are in a hurry and don’t have time to iron your shirt, you can use your hair straightener to iron your shirt to press out small wrinkles which can be done in no time as well.

3. Upgrade your old heels into a new one

When your old heel got broken you can use it as a normal shoe with amazing fabric. In that way, you can use your favourite shoe as well.

4. Make your own natural makeup remover

Makeup is something which more or less every women do. But every product doesn’t suit everyone’s skin, so here is the highly effective and natural makeup remover for everyone. It can be made from filtered water and extra virgin olive oil. Put the mixture on the bottle and shake it before using it.

5. Use a staple remover to add keys to your keyring

We usually use key-ring to keep our keys but in that way, the nails got damaged. Here is a solution to this.  Instead of the keyring, one can use a staple remover to keep the keys together. In that way, keys will be safe and the nails wouldn’t be damaged.

6. Mix sea salt and water and spray hair for beachy waves

Who doesn’t love beaches? I am sure everyone loves to travel and love to have beachy waves. If you don’t have time to go out but want to have a beachy wave in the hair, mix the sea salt with water and spray it in the hair to get a feel of that.

7. Shower curtain hooks can be used to hold purses

When you have lots of purses and you don’t have space to keep all, use the shower curtain hooks to keep them. In that way, you don’t have to search for your favourite one or the matching one with your dress.

8. Use a banana peel to whiten your teeth

Some times when the teeth become yellow, one can use a banana peel to whiten the teeth. Bonus point is you get to eat the banana as well.

9. Get rid of of yellow stains on your t-shirt with this hack

Sometimes we get stains on the shirt but with the above life hacks, you can get back your favourite shirt as it was before.

10. De-fuzz your sweater with a pumice stone

Sometimes when your sweater needs to de-fuzz, use a pumice stone or a disposable razor to get back your sweater like a new one.

11. Upgrade your rubber flip flops with beautiful DIY

Sometimes when you are bored with your normal slippers, you can transform it into a beautiful one by the simple tricks.  Rap a ribbon with the glue on the flipflop and add some beads and seashell over the ribbon and your slipper is ready.

12. Clear-coat your rings to prevent Hurting

Sometimes one needs to clear-coat the ring to prevent them from turning the finger green.

13. Tricks to open nail polish bottle

If you face problem while opening your nail polish bottle, add a rubber band for extra grip. It will help you to open it easily.

14. how to wear a scarf in different ways

These are the 12 ways one can use their scarf to get a different look.

15. Put your keys in between your fingers

When you are travelling alone at night, put your keys like this to get a little peace of mind.

16. Pack smart by putting shoes in a shower cap

When you are travelling, pack your shoes in a shower cap so that the other things will be clean.

17. Upgrade your boring brown bobby pins

Sometimes when you are bored of the same colour of your bobby pins, colour those with your nail polish so that you can get a lit of variety in them.

18. Store bobby pins and other tiny goodies in this case

Sometimes when you don’t have time and you need to search for bobby pins, you get late for this. Use DIY cases to keep them so that you don’t need to search everywhere for the things which are necessary.

19.use paper clip to hold the straps

Sometimes the bra straps are seen in the back of many people. If you want to hide it, here is a solution. Use a paper clip and hold them together. In this way, they would stick together and no one could see them.

20. Break-in your new shoes in no time

Put on the socks and slip on your shoes. Hold the hairdryer on the tight section for a couple of seconds and Keep the shoes for a while till they cool down. Then remove the socks and use the shoes.

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