20 Questions to ask your crush if you want to know them

You might be really excited to talk to your crush, but what to talk? And is it okay to get into their personal life or will it be too much?
Well, you shouldn’t flirt with them or talk romantically if they’ve already told you can’t be more than friends. Texting them within limits can make help you out. So here are questions you may ask to your crush:

1- What do you wish to achieve in life?
2- Which career are you willing to pursue?
3- What do you enjoy studying the most?
4-  If you could sum up your philosophy/mantra for life in one sentence, what would it be?
5- What is your accomplishment which you are most proud of?

1- Who all are there in your family?
2- Who’s that one person in your family with whom you share most of your secrets?
3- What is the profession of your family members?
4- Do you enjoy meeting with your extended family?
5- What do you and your family do on a holiday to spend time together?

1-What would you prefer a movie or a ride?
2- Are you a summer guy or a winter?
3- If you were to choose between staying in India or going abroad for job, what would you do?
4-  If there was no money involved, what is the one thing you’d love to spend your time doing?
5- What do you love to do in your free time?

1- What are the qualities you would want in your partner?
2- Have you ever been in love?
3- Why did you and your ex broke up?
4- Do you think that love could ever culminate in friendship?
5- Do you believe in love at first sight?

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