Women in Coimbatore Donate Hair To Make Wigs For Cancer Patients

Cancer takes a lot away from a person. It causes you to change your habits, your lifestyle, and your schedule. But something that might seem insignificant to someone else, physical appearance, can have a lot of impact on someone already going through a lot. Chemotherapy forces cancer patients to get rid of their hair. They can wear wigs as a replacement if they wish to. However, these wigs are extremely expensive. Various organizations provide real human hair wigs free to cancer patients. They receive this hair via donations. More than 200 women donated their hair for cancer patients at an event in Coimbatore.

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The PSG College of Arts and Science in Coimbatore organised the event ‘Locks of Hope’. At this event, 231 donated more than 8 inches of their hair. This hair will be used to create wigs for cancer patients.

231 Women Donate Hair To Make Wigs For Cancer Patients

Staff members and students from the college participated in the event. Even though the number of expected participants was 100, the actual number of attendees far exceeded that number.

The event was co-organised by Naturals Salon & Spa.

“Naturals gave these girls the haircut they desired, free of cost. The donated hair will be collected and sent to Raj Impex, Chennai, which is one of the country’s biggest wig makers. The wigs will then be given to 10 cancer patients across the country,” Latha Verghis of Page 3 Salon told The Covai Post.

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All the participants were happy to donate their hair. They were pleased to be able to do something for patients of cancer. Even though they can’t help them directly, small things can go a long way in life.

“When my college approached me, I was more than happy. We were doing small projects like this before, but we were excited to do the same for more than 100 students. In my opinion, the girls who were ready to sacrifice their amazing tresses are the most beautiful women out there,” a student told Edex Live.

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