3 Best Instagram Photo Editing Apps

These days, having a beautiful Instagram aesthetic is just as important as posting individual eye-catching photos. The quality and the creativity of the posts uploaded on Instagram has been improved manifolds over the years. The photo-sharing app is considered as one of the best marketing tools if you wish to grow your business or develop your brand. But there is a fierce competition on the site as millions of content creators are operating it.

Thus, it is necessary for you to make your feed look good. Here is a list of best Instagram photo editing apps that can help you enhance your pictures.

  • VSCO

It is one of the most popular photo-editing apps. There is a separate hashtag on Instagram for the photos edited using VSCO, #VSCO which has over 200 million posts under it. There are more than 200 filters and photo-editing tools available on the app. However, out of those 200, only 10 are available for free. Also, there is a range of photo-editing tools available to help elevate your photo quality, like contrast and saturation to enhance your photos, grain which adds texture to photos, and crop and skew tools which alter the perspective of your photos.


  • A Color Story

A Color Story allows the users to achieve a consistent look across individual posts. For example, if you want your Instagram feed in grey colour, then you can download specific color palettes or filters that will suit your feed. In this way you can customize all your photos by adding a shade of grey on them. Another great thing about A Color Story is that it partners with a ton of Instagram influencers who create custom filter packs and effects, which can be accessed in the mobile app.


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  • Snapseed

It acts as a powerful tool for professional photographers as in Snapseed you can work on both the files i.e RAW and JPG. Though the app offers a number of unique filters and effects, it is more renowned for its Photoshop-like tools which can be accessed easily through the phones. In total, there are 29 tools and features that you can use. It allows you to edit photos by removing elements or even people from the photo. Also you can adjust the geometry of the objects present in the picture or use curves to control the brightness of your image.


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