3 Best Ways to Use Your Old Mattress

Unsure what to do with your old mattress? Donate it for a good cause as you never know how it changes someone’s quality of life.


But, where to donate? Below are the three best ways to donate and use your old mattress.


Charity Organizations

One of the best ways to donate your mattress is by giving it away to charity organizations. Check out with charity organizations near you to know if they allow donating old mattresses. Also, make sure they are in a usable state and up to the mark.

Recycle Your Mattress

Giving your mattress for recycling is yet another way of giving it away and letting the recyclers do the job in managing waste and making the best out of it.

DIY Recycling or Repurposing It

If you are creative enough you can do a lot from what seems to be a waste for you. The cotton inside the mattress can be used to make your pet’s bedding. The foam can be used elsewhere too.


Do not increase the burden of the Earth by throwing away your old mattresses. Try to recycle or donate them to someone as well as the Earth!

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