Marriage is a special phase of life for every human. But it is even more special to women as they prepare themselves to adjust in a new family and house and their responsibilities change completely. If you are gonna get married anytime soon, you should definition know the struggles every woman faces after marriage, so as to avoid them.

1. Dowry demands
I won’t say all, but many women face this situation when they move to their in-laws. Their in-laws and husband demand money or material favours from them and exploit them physically and mentally if the woman or her family fails to fulfill it. Be cautious and do not let anyone enjoy such privileges.

2. Work-Life balance
It is something that every working woman facing after marriage. Since the household responsibility increases, it becomes difficult to manage both job and home. Thus, it can cause troubles in your married life.


3. Expectations of In-laws
You live like a queen in your home, but when you move to another house, you are no longer the queen. You are required to fulfil certain expectations of your in-laws like dress in a traditional way, be more spiritual, don’t demand much and work selflessly. If you don’t agree with them or keep upto their expectations, you and your married life can enter into a trouble.

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Aastha Kochar

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