When you run or indulge in any hard core physical activity, it is your stamina that gives you the stability. Being low on stamina would make you feel tired and restless while you do any physical activity.

To increase your stamina, these things may help you:

1. Reduce interval, increase frequency
Train yourself hard. You may feel tired initially, but you do not have to stop. You have to challenge yourself, your targets and your limits. Because that is what will help you boost stamina. Reduce the breaks that you take between two exercise and increase the frequency of those exercises.

2. Be mentally prepared
You can’t achieve anything physically until you are prepared for it psychologically. You’ve to tell yourself that you have to do it. You can’t simply dream and expect it to be achieved. Work for it. But before that, believe that you can do it.


3. Snack right type of food
Your diet plays an equally important role in increasing your stamina. Ensure that you take a healthy diet, rich in protein and other vitamins that give you energy. Some of the food items which you should include in your diet are: brown rice, coffee, bananas and eggs.

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

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