3 Effective Tips to Wake Up Early Morning

As per some research-based sayings, waking up early morning offers tremendous benefits for both body and mind. However, most of us are night owls who stay awake till late night and are find it difficult to wake up, the next morning.


People who go to bed early and wake up on time are able to concentrate better, are more productive at work and lead a disciplined life.


However, waking up early isn’t something that can be done in isolation.


1. Because if you don’t sleep on time, you may not be able to wake up early everyday. So, the very first step to wake up early is to go to bed early.

2. Next, if you are somebody who doesn’t bother to wake up to alarms. With regard to alarms, here are a few smart tips.

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  • Be smart and set multiple alarms or activate snooze at 5-minute intervals.
  • Use smart alarms like calculator, vocabulary or with any other tasks that don’t let you sleep as the alarm won’t turn off unless you do it.
  • Keep your phone a little far and not just beside you. This is to prevent you from turning it off without even waking up.

3. Find a good reason to wakeup. Those without a reason can’t get the motivation to wake up every morning. So, ask yourself what is that you can achieve by waking up early morning. It can be anything like going for a workout to stay fit, studying to score good marks, cooking for family etc.


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