Recently, I gave an introduction to Premenstrual syndrome, in this article let us talk about what you can do to manage the symptoms of PMS or deal with it. Firstly, you need to accept that it is normal and you don’t have control over it. But, if you feel like it is overpowering your everyday activities to troubling you a lot, you should definitely know how to manage it better.

1. Stay active
You may feel like lying on the bed for the entire day. But if you do so, it won’t just remind you of your uneasiness but also cause you physical pain. Being active or exercising helps reduce pain.


2. Avoid junk
Cravings during periods is normal. You may want to eat something sour or oily or chocolatey or whatever, it is different for everybody. It is easy to eat junk and refresh your mind. But it can spoil your hormones and lead you with complications.

3. Sleep well
Lack of sleep can add on to your irritability. It will make you feel annoyed and badly affect your mood. It will also cause physical distress. So, ensure that you sleep enough before and during those days when you need extra care.

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