3 Important Social Rules

It is important for every individual to behave well in public places. In this article, we have curated some social rules that you must follow in your daily life

Don’t stare at your phone

One of the most offending things you can do is to stare at your phone. Never peek into your phone when you are talking with somebody. It’s very disrespectful and you are likely to offend the person you are talking to. When you are talking with someone, your entire concentration should be on them and not on your smartphone. Also, if there is something urgent that you can’t avoid, then politely request the person to kindly wait for you to finish the task.

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Don’t make decisions for everyone

Most of us have the habit of giving free advice to anyone and everyone. It’s good to help your friend, relatives, family members, or colleagues when they are in a need. However, what is not cool is you forcing your thoughts on them and persuading them to work according to your beliefs.  When someone shares their problems and sorrows with you, all you need to do is to give them suggestions on how to overcome the difficult phase. You should never make decision for someone else and should always give space to the other person.

Beware of Gossips

Don’t waste your time criticizing and slamming other people behind their backs. You will meet many people in life who will be a sucker of some gossips. Howver, before indulging in some talks with them, always remember that people who gossip about others in from of you must also be gossiping about you in front of others. If you have some problem, say it directly to them, instead of back bitching as it will just spoil your relationship.

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