3 Key Tips on How to Fashion your Kids

There are countless cute outfits for your kids but how to exactly fashion your kids? How to make them wear something in which they are comfortable and make a statement at the same time?

Well, in this article we are mentioning 3 key points which helps your fashion your kids in the right manner. Basically these tips are for 3 specific occasions and information bought from leading fashionistas.

Tip #1 – For the fun day out: Chuck fabrics that irritate

What to wear: Primarily something comfortable in which the kids can have fun. The most important thing in an outfit shouldn’t be just fashionable but comfortable for your kid. That’s how you’ll get the perfect picture.

Fabrics that work: Be it silk or cotton, the fabrics need to be soft. Avoid any fabric that makes the child sweat a lot as it can cause rashes.

Keep in mind: A lot of parents are into mini-me fashion these days where they want to dress up the kid in an outfit that looks similar to theirs. We don’t need to make kids look like they have an hour-glass figure or make them wear something that has a cinched waist. Even if you want to make your child wear the same outfit, change the fabrics a little. They don’t have to wear something with Swarovski and crystals on it!

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Tip #2 – On the first day of school: Pick low maintenance over high in design

What to wear: Be it shorts, a T-shirt or a shirt, make sure that the size is neither too large as it might look frumpy or too tight as it could get uncomfortable for the kid.

Fabrics that work: It’s essential that parents use breathable fabrics like cottons or linens. Don’t use synthetic fabrics that could make the kid feel too hot.

Keep in mind: Don’t use clothes that are high-maintenance like lace or something that needs to by dry-cleaned.

Tip #3 – First designer party wear: Go for happy hues and cute accessories

What to wear: For an outdoor function, boys can wear cute jackets paired with pants. For an indoor ceremony, T-shirts with digital prints can be worn with denims. For accessories, one can use hats or shoes. Also for girls, midi-dresses seem like a good option as the length covers them just enough. Darker colors are easy to maintain but brighter colors definitely look better.

Fabrics that work: Cotton silk is a good option as kids still have sensitive skin and can be prone to allergies. Don’t use fabrics that are heavily embroidered.

Keep in mind: Make them wear clothes that can be washed easily as they can drop food while eating.

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Navaneetha Suresh

Navaneetha Suresh

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