3 Major Shortcomings of Technology

Technology is one of the most commonly used words these days that has helped humans grow and advance in life. There are unlimited advantages of Technology, but just like any other thing, it carries some disadvantages too. In this article, let’s discuss a few shortcomings of technology.


A major disadvantage of technology is that humans are becoming more and more dependent on it. As it has advanced, it has made things easier for them. However, the downside to this is that it has made them unwilling and incapable of doing hard things. The simplest example of this is communication. With landlines, people had to either remember or note down important phone numbers. However, with the advent of mobile phones, that is not required. All phone numbers are stored within the phone and there is no need to remember them. In an ideal situation, this is insignificant. However, if one is lost, it becomes really difficult to get help.


Prone to Exploitation

Another problem that has arisen with technology is that it has made it really easy for people to be exploited. Their privacy can be violated just by hacking their phones, their money can be extracted just by stealing their bank details. Additionally, technology has also made both of these things easy as well.

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Loss of Jobs

The modernisation of industries has also become a problem for a number of people. Earlier, industries used to be labour-intensive. For example, farming required many tasks to be done by people. Different people were needed for different jobs. The land had to be ploughed, seeds had to be sown, then the crop had to be harvested. This ensured jobs for many people. Now, a single machine can do all these jobs. In the production industry, hundreds of people were employed to make cars, clothes, furniture, et cetera. But now, machinery has taken their place. This is even bigger a problem in developing and under-developed countries.

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