3 Moments in History that are usually not Believed to have Happened

There are many things in the history of man-kind that people believe do not exist or are purely fictional. Here are three such instances where, on the things were witnessed on the contrary  to what many people believe today-

Strikes were prevalent from well before the industrial revolution- 

If you are thinking, going on a strike has started only since the industrial revolution, you are mistaken.  BBC’s history extra say that the very first strike recorded in history started in 1152 BC, on 14 November. This was during the reign of Rameses III in ancient Egypt.

In November 1152 BC,  the workers who were involved in the construction of a royal necropolis – a group of tombs/crypts felt they were being underpaid and that their wages were in arrears. So, they organised a mass walkout, halting construction. What was interesting is that the first strike had succeeded and their wages were actually increased.

Interest rates-

While today we are familiar with a changing interest rate, interest rates didn’t start moving around regularly until the late 19th century. In 1719 the Bank of England moved the interest rate from four per cent to five per cent, but it didn’t move again until 1822, when it went back down to four per cent. That interest rate lasted 103 years – the longest fixed rate in British history.

The Baltimore attack-

In 1631, Barbary pirates from North Africa led by a Dutch captain attacked Baltimore- a small village in Ireland. The attack was quick and unexpected. The villagers (mainly English settlers, but some native Irish too) were put onto the ships and forced into slavery. There were, however, different types of slaves: some prisoners were destined to live out their days as galley slaves (a brutal and short life), while many of the younger women would spend long years in the seclusion of the Sultan’s harem or within the walls of the Sultan’s palace as labourers.

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