3 most effective ways to prevent pregnancy

Sexually active people should be cautious about STDs more than anyone else. But there’s another concern for women who don’t want to concieve , that is to prevent pregnancy. For this there are a number of ways. Following are some of the most popular and effective ones:

1. Natural planning
A normal woman’s menstrual cycle lies between 21-35 days and usually it is of 28-30 days. So, the highest chances of pregnancy are at 14th day from the cycle. Therefore, you should have intercourse maximum 7 days prior to your period date. And 5-6 days after it. By this, you naturally reduce your chances of conceiving. However, in case of irregular cycle, it could be a problematic way.

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2. Condoms

Two types of condoms are available in market. Male and female condoms. Male condom is the most popular form of preventing pregnancy. It offers around 85% chances if used correctly. It also offers protection against STDs and prove to be an effective way to prevent conceiving.

3. Hormonal pills

Horomonal pills that are a combination of progesterone and estrogen come in the form of 21-day pills that are to be taken for 21 days without any fail. After 21 days, you have to discontinue it and will get your menstrual cycle in next 7 days. From which, you’ve to start another pack and repeat. By this, you won’t get pregnant on any day of the entire month of being on medications.

Apart from these various injections, IUD or copper Ts are also used to prevent pregnancy, However the same is more complicated.

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