3 Must-Have Tools If You’re A Baker

If there’s one thing that’s common amongst the way almost all of us are spending quarantine, it’s our exploration of the inner baker or chef inside of us.

We’ve been trying our hands at cakes, drinks, all sorts of breads, and whatnot. However, given that we haven’t been inside the kitchen that often (or at all for some of us) before all of this, we don’t necessarily have all the tools we need.

So, we compiled a list of 3 must-have baking tools if you keep visiting your kitchen again!

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Baking can be extremely tricky if you’re unable to measure out the exact amount of each ingredient. Even the slightest difference can ruin hours and hours of hard work.

So, you should buy a complete set of cups and spoons can that allow you to measure ingredients properly. Additionally, you should also own liquid measuring cups.


As anyone who has ever baked anything at the wrong temperature would know, the temperature of the oven is one of the most important factors while baking. If your temperature is off by even 10 degrees, it can completely ruin your dish. What some people don’t know is that you might be baking at the wrong temperature even if you set your oven at the right temp. Some ovens can be off by 10 degrees, while others by more than 50 degrees.

To solve this problem, you can buy an oven thermometer that doesn’t cost much and tells you the exact temperature of your oven.

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Even though this sounds like a boujee tool that isn’t really necessary, trust us, it is. Having lumps in your cake is one of the worst things that can happen to your cake.

A sifter allows you to, in a way, filter your ingredients so that there are no chunks or lumps.

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