3 Practical Ways to Overcome Your Addictions

You may have heard it several times that excess of anything is bad. But you are still clueless about how to give up your addictions or even limit them. If you are struggling to fight any addiction, here’s how you can simply overcome it:

1. Know why to overcome

If you don’t know why is it that you need to stop or limit doing anything, you may never succeed. Instead of deciding to do something because someone is asking you to, find your own reasons. Know why it isn’t good for you or what harm is it causing you for which you need to give up that particular addiction.

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2. Break the goals

If you are also a person who keeps goals like losing 5kg in a month, then you will never succeed. Instead break it into parts, for instance losing 1.25 kg per week. It seems easier and will also help you evaluate your performance.

3. Know how

It is easy to set goal but not to achieve. For this, you need to be realistic and as to how you can achieve your goal. For instance, just deciding to lose 5kg a month won’t help. Instead make your own map with which you’ll be able to achieve it. For example, by practicing squats, jogging, asanas etc. for 30-40 minutes everyday, you can.

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