3 Qualities you must look for in your partner

Although we say we don’t find love, love finds us or that we don’t think before loving someone, it just happens. But there are some qualities we must look up for in our other halves and specially when we plan to marry them.

Here are a few must-have qualities to live a satisfactory life in future.

1. Loyalty
No relationship can work without the two persons being loyal to one another. And so this should be something you must look for. Because if your partner isn’t loyal to you, there’s nothing you would get out of the relationship.

2. Caring
Love isn’t the only thing. If you feel like your partner loves you but he/she doesn’t bother to look after you when you aren’t well or you need their care, then what would you do in such a relationship?

3. Behaviour
No, just not his behaviour with you but with the society. You can’t marry someone who is extremely polite to you but doesn’t respect his elders or becomes violent without any cause. Or someone who doesn’t have any control over his anger. So, behaviour with other people is yet another think you must look for.

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

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