Even though WhatsApp has a user base of 1.3 billion worldwide, telegram is emerging as a better option for many. Everyday lakhs of people are joining telegram. Businesses, YouTubers, online tutors have made their channels on telegram and are growing rapidly. So let us have a look at the benefits telegram offers over WhatsApp and why you must join telegram now.

1. Security
The security features of telegram are way better than WhatsApp. First, it has an option of secret chat, which can’t be retrieved by the company itself, and secondly, if either of the person on secret chat takes screenshot, it notifies the other about it.


2. Groups
The number of people who can be added to a WhatsApp group is 256, while the limit on telegram is 2,00,000. This is a huge difference.

3. Growth
If you have a channel, you can’t promote it much on WhatsApp, but on telegram? Sky is the limit! People can search you and get added in your channel group irrespective of whether they know you or not.

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