3 Red Flags in a Friendship

Friendship is considered as one of the most beautiful relationships as they are your chosen family. Friends are often the ones to stand by your side in both your highs and lows. However, not all your friends are your well-wishers. Read this article, to find out the red flags in friendship. 

They often criticize you

Constructive criticism is always helpful and it helps in finding your flaws and you can work towards correcting them to become a better version of yourself. However, you definitely don’t need people who are always just finding flaws in all your works and try to criticize you. It is important to let go of the people who bring negative vibes.

They are only around when they need you

Friendship is not about just sharing happiness instead it is more about providing support in tough times. However, if your friends are only there when they need something from you or when you can benefit them in one or the other way, it is time to move on. If you are always there when they need you, the same should be reciprocated.

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They are jealous

Being competitive doesn’t harm anybody. Instead, it helps to motivate yourself and become a better version of your own self. However, make sure that this competitive spirit doesn’t change to the feeling of being jealous. Jealousy isn’t healthy for any relationship be it a love affair or friendship. You can’t call someone your friend when they are jealous of everything you achieve in your life.

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