Shampooing is a way of cleaning scalp and hair to keep them clear and tangle-free. However, during the process you may notice a lot of hair strands coming out. Although it is normal for some strands to fall while stimulating your scalp by oiling, massaging or shampooing, it may be a matter of concern of it is over 100 strands. So, here’s how you can reduce hair breakage while shampooing your hair.

1. Brush hair before shampooing
It is mostly your tangled hair that fell while you shampoo, so it is better if you brush them beforehand and prevent tangling.


2. Wash 2-3 times a week
It is important to wash your hair at least twice a week even if you are fear due to the quantity of hair fall. The lesser you shampoo, more would your hair get tangled and rough, eventually making it fall more.

3. Don’t comb after shampooing
If you feel like combing your hair when they are wet i.e. after shampooing, can really help you managing them better, you are wrong. It will make them fall even more as they be weaker at that time. Once they get little dried, you can brush or comb them.

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