3-Step way to convince parents for love marriage

Even in this 21st century, a lot of orthodox families are againt the idea of love marriage and the most common reason for the same is inter-caste marriages. Elders of many families aren’t satisfied with the idea of mixing blood or not carrying-forward new blood. This tendancy destroys the life of both the partners. If you are willing to marry the love of your life but unsure of how to approach, here’s a three step way you should follow instead of randomly speaking it out.

1. Form good bond
No, not good bond with your partner, because that is obvious. If you want to introduce your partner to your parents, you should anyway be sure of your seriousness and future plans. But here i’m talking about the bond between you and your family. Until and unless you have good relationship with your parents, you aren’t going to be successful in your motive. So, start understanding them, share your opinions about different topics and be closer to them.

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2. Introduce

Now that you have a good bond with youe family, it’s easier to talk about your partner with them. You can give them hints like you have a good friend and talk about your partner and just make them be a bit comfortable with the idea of you having someone in your life. But don’t reveal everything.

3. Meet and reveal
Here comes the final stage, when you have to confess your love. Don’t do this without making your partner meet them. Meeting can really help someone know a person better. And if your partner can manage to impress them by being polite, helpless, simple and show them he/she is what they expected from a son-in-law/daughter-in-law.

If you feel like it won’t work, take help from an elder who is close to your parents or has any influencing skills or whose decisions are well-accepted ans respected by your parents.

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