3 ways exercise helps you live a better life

Exercising is essential for our mental as well as physical health, is what we already know. But, many of us skip engaging in such activities since we are busy in our everyday schedule, thinking that we do not need to do physical activities.

But, the need for exercise even increases for working people, due to the fact that their mental health is at stake. Our fast moving lifestyle causes stress. Also, the current pandemic situation is causing anxiety in people, and the demand for exercise increases in the present times.

So, here’s how exercise helps you:

1-Fights depression
Depression has become a serious mental issue in people of all ages due to the materialistic lifestyle. Studies have proved that exercise helps combat depression. While we exercise, our body releases feel-good hormones that help us avoid the thoughts giving us anxiety, and feel better.

2- Manages chronic conditions
Exercising helps manage chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, heart diseases and diabetes. By exercising, our metabolism increases, easing weight loss and boosting energy levels. In helps prevent and manage health conditions.

3- Social benefits
Exercising improves self-esteem of people, encouraging them to step out and interact with the society. Also, people who exercise, generally find people with similar interests and form social bonds than those who don’t.

How to exercise?
You can choose any physical activity you are genuinely interested in, it may be a sport such as basketball or swimming or general exercises for the body. In times of the corona pandemic, you must stay at home and exercise.

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

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