3 Ways to Cope Up With Failure

Failed an exam? A match? A competition? or anything that is making you feel worthless? The feeling is normal, but know that it’s not how it should be.

Here are 3 ways to cope up with failure and take it positively.

1. Accept and acknowledge your feelings

Failure hurts, at least initially, and you must come to terms with it. In the long run, trying to suppress your emotions or divert your attention from them can backfire. Just acknowledge your emotions for what they are, and give yourself some space to feel a little pain.

But don’t think about it too much. That is also ineffective, especially if you put the blame on yourself.

Wait a few days for the discomfort to subside before beginning to move on.

2. Avoid taking things personally

The fact that some people’s identities are entwined with success is one reason why failure can be terrible to them.

In other words, rather of realising that they have experienced a failure, they view themselves as a failure when they fail.

3. Do not be concerned about what others may think

Our perceptions of success and failure can occasionally be influenced by what we believe others will think of us or how we believe they will perceive us.

You’ll never be able to influence what other people think. You should never act in a way that will make other people happy.

If you define success and failure according to your own standards and act on your own motivation rather than that of others, it is simpler to accept both outcomes.

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

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