3 Ways to Cultivate Gratitude in Life

We as humans often tend to forget the blessings in our life or be grateful for all the things we have received in our lives thus far. It is human tendency to focus more on the negatives rather than looking at the positive and bright side. In this article, let’s take a look at the ways through which we find things around us to be grateful and express gratitude for. 

Gratitude journaling

You must be aware about writing diaries to give words to your thoughts and share your feelings and emotions. Gratitude Journaling is somewhat similar as you daily write down things to feel grateful or obliged for. By keeping a count on your blessings and positives in your life, you will be constantly reminded of how blessed and special you are. You should even note down simplest of things like eating a delicious meal, enjoying a laugh with your friends or family. It can be one of the most powerful practices to keep us grounded in a positive mindset on a daily basis.

Creating a list of possibilities and blessings

By making a list of possibilities, blessings and positives in your life, you acknowledge the things you are blessed with. The things we usually see as givens, that in other parts of the world are not available to many people. There are so many things we might consider as the basic necessities for living a basic life, yet there are many people for whom they are like a dream. So many chie still don’t have the medium or opportunity to have basic education, there are many people who still long for a three time proper meal and a roof over their head. Thus, always make sure to thank the Lord your bestowing you with all the aforementioned things and making you live a peaceful and healthy life. 

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Shifting our perception

We as humans are more focused on the things we don’t have rather than valuing the things we have in life. It is a general practice to crib about getting something bigger or better in life. However, this hunger of having more never ends and human beings often spend their whole life being stuck in this vicious cycle of expectations. Thus to live a happy and peaceful life, you should bring a positive change in your perception. Instead of thinking about what you don’t have, focus on things and people you have in your life

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