3 ways to Cultivate Gratitude in Your Kids

Gratitude originated from the Latin word gratus meaning pleasing or thankful. In simple words, Gratitude is a feeling of thankfulness for what one receives, whether tangible or intangible. To stay grounded and humble in life, it is important to have gratitude towards the things or people you have been blessed with.

3 ways to Cultivate Gratitude in Your Kids are

Practice gratefulness yourself

Action speaks louder than words. Children often tend to copy the behavior or habits of their parents. Thus, the best way to make them learn good things is by practising them yourself in your daily life. Despite the hardships if you are appreciative about the things you have in your life, your children are mostly likely to learn the same thing.

Expect your children to say “Thank you”

You shouldn’t stop your little ones from thanking you or showing gratitude towards you even for the smallest or ordinary things. Your children should appreciate you and be thankful to you even for doing some of the most basic or daily life things. Things they will learn in their childhood for their parents will go a long way with them. If you have neglected teaching them to say this phrase, don’t worry, it is never too late to start.

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Gratitude is about more than gifts

Gratitude is not just about receiving gifts from your children on a daily basis or on special occasions for the difference you make in their life. Help your children recognize how much you, their parents, do for them because you love them. Your kids should not grow so accustomed to the house they live in, the clothes they wear and the food they eat each day, that they forget that those things are given to them on a platter by their parents out of love.

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