Over 70% of our body is made up of water, which proves how inevitable water is, for our body. However, it isn’t just the quantity of water that matters, but also its quality. How we drink water is as important as how much we drink in a day. 

In this article, i have shared some tips related to drinking water. You must not miss them if you really want to make a positive difference in your body without making much difference in your lifestyle.

1. Sit and drink
You must have heard your elders saying you should never drink water while standing. You may have even taken it as a joke , but it’s true that drinking water while standing can cause imbalance of flow in your body, accumulating more water in knee and cause arthritis. So, sit and drink with calm mind for better digestion of food.


2. Drink like a tea
When you drink tea, you take it in small sips. But water? You take all of it in one go. This is not recommended. Water should always be consumed slowly, whether you take it before, during or after the meal. Let it get absorbed by your body.

3. Drink warm water
Drinking cold water or that from a refrigerator can disrupt not just your throat but also digestive system. You must aim to drink warm water. If it’s too hot, you can go for water at room temperature, but chilled water? Never!

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