3 Ways to keep your scalp nourished

Keeping your scalp nourished is as important as moisturizing your face. Just like every other part of your body requires nourishment, do does your scalp. But winters are the biggest enemies when it comes to having flawless hair and healthy scalp.

If you are also someone who isn’t able to overcome dry scalp this winter, here’s what you can do:

1. Oiling
Oiling hair is really important even if you don’t like it. If not daily, you can apply oil to your hair twice a week. Keep oil for at least 6 hours before you wash-off your hair. You can also use an oil which is less sticky, so you feel better.

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2. Conditioning
Shampoo can dry your hair and scalp both. In order to bring back the nourishment of your hair. For this, you shouldn’t skip conditioning hair. You can either use conditioner of a good brand or your choice or get a DIY conditioner made.

3. Hair masks
Apart from the usual shampoo and conditioning, applying hair masks can make your scalp really healthy. Yogurt and eggs are excellent for your hair, so you can apply it on your hair for extra nourishment. If you lack time, you can get ready made hair masks from mama earth, which are natural.

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