3 Ways You Can Get Your Boss to Trust You

While working in a corporate environment, it is extremely important for an individual to form a sober relationship with his or her boss. The base of any relationship is trust. Thus, you should make it a point that your boss trusts you with important assignments and roles. For you to progress in the corporate sector, it is important for your boss to acknowledge your hard-work. Below listed are a few ways through which you can get your boss to trust you. 

Explore solutions before asking for help

There’s absolutely no problem in asking for help from your boss if you’re stuck in some problem or assignment. A good boss always looks forward to helping his or her employees in any way they can and helping them grow. However, what isn’t right is just saying, “I’m stumped,” and expecting your boss to come up with an answer. You should always reach your boss with some possible solutions for the problem and then you two together can come with a solution. This will make your boss realize that you’re willing to put efforts.

Fess up to your mistakes

As human beings, most of us have the tendency of blaming other people for our mistakes. In the fear of being scolded by the boss, people often try to come clean and cover their mistakes. However, this is a bad practice. You should always own up to your mistakes and should be ready for consequences. If your boss figures out about your lie, then you might be in deep trouble.


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Don’t repeat errors

Human beings are bound to make mistakes or create blunders as no one is perfect. However, what is not okay is continuously repeating your errors without learning anything from your previous mistakes. No boss expects you to not make any mistake, but what they definitely expect for you is to learn from your past errors. The key is to make different mistakes rather than repeating the same ones over and over.

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