3 Worst Conditions in a Relationship

Love can be described as one of the most beautiful feelings one can experience in their life. However, not always love relationships work. There is a dark side to it as well. In this article, I will be shedding light on some of the worst conditions you can go through while being in a relationship.


There’s no doubt that infidelity is something that can completely break you from the inside. Cheating in a relationship is the worst thing anything can do to their partner. This affects both your mental and physical health brutally. After being cheated, it is hard for the person to be in another relationship anytime soon.


Trust forms one of the pillars of a relationship. Though love is the most important factor, no relationship in this world can survive if two people don’t have enough trust between them. Thus, it can shatter you from within if you find your partner lying to you on a daily basis about anything and everything.

Communication Gap

For a relation to flourish, it is important for the two people to have healthy communication between them. You can know about the other person completely only when you communicate with each other. However, a communication gap will eat your relationship even before you know it. It can almost build a bridge between the two lovers which will be extremely difficult for both to cross.

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