4 best apps to help you with your money management

The excitement of spending the moment you get paid is real and so is the struggle for money management. Setting up a budget and keeping a track of all our expenses is not an easy task. Often we fail at it and regret by the end of the month. Here are the 4 best apps designed to help you with your money management and save you from the crisis.


Mint is the top app for overall budgeting and personal finance. It’s an all-in-one money management app for all your financial concerns. It helps you with budgeting and tracking by putting all of your funds, transactions, and account balances on one interface and calculating your net worth using this data. It offers various customisations and lets you set realistic budgets and bill reminders on your own. It has the highest rating and is reviewed to be user friendly by most of the users making it the favourite app for money management.


Walnut helps you in tracking your money and also focuses on savings. It automatically tracks your monthly expenditure and pays your bills on time for you and even keeps track of your ATM withdrawals. It also keeps a track of your credit card dues. You can enter the details for tracking manually or let the app automatically decide. It shows you a chart of your expenses and shows you the changes in pattern so you can figure out the problem if any and fix it.

Monefy – Money manager

This app lets you manually add your expenses and transactions and helps you track your spending and distribution amongst categories. It keeps a record in form of charts or graphs and lets your track your expenses and cut down so you can understand how to increase your savings. It also lets you synchronise your data between your mobile, tablet or laptop using your Dropbox account.


Prism is a great money management app that helps you with your bills and payments. It lets you access all your expenses and balance in the form of a calendar or a list. It also tracks all your upcoming bills and sends you alerts about the due dates so you can remember paying and avoid any late fee. This app makes sure you never miss any bills and also lets you schedule bills anytime you want.

Never miss an expense again and waste your time figuring out where your money goes.

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