4 biggest food festivals around the world

Exploration of any city is incomplete without trying out their local food. For an avid traveler and foodie, what is the best time to visit a city if not during the food festival? Here are the 5 biggest food festivals across the world to add to your bucket list.



Naples. Italy

Have you ever met someone who doesn’t like pizza? The Pizzafest in the honour of this most popular food is held every year in September in the city of Naples. This is a week-long celebration and offers various types of pizzas to treat your taste buds. Instead of just trying out different pizzas, learn how to make one with their amazing pizza making workshops. And watch the best chefs in the world compete in the World Pizza Making Championship. It is truly a treat for the eyes and the stomach.


Salon du Chocolat

Quito, Ecuador

This one is for the sweet toothed. If you’re a chocolate lover, then is a must visit event for you.  Held in Ecuador, this is the international chocolate industry’s annual trade fair hosting around 500 participants from over not only Ecuador but 60 countries every year. Indulge yourself in the chocolaty romance by going for chocolate tasting and attending pastry making workshops in this fest. Also witness the magic of their special chocolate fashion show and treat your eyes with the chocolate sculpture contest and other chocolaty events. Having a sugar rush already?

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If it’s a famous food fest in Germany, it has to be about beer. It is not just a week long but goes on for 16-18 days held from mid or late September to the first Sunday in October in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. And beer lovers all across the globe travel to Germany specifically for this celebration. Book your tickets for this fest and taste some of the finest brews. Although, this is not only about beer but also the famous German food  like pretzels, bratwurst and roasted meats.


Vegetarian Festival

Phuket, Thailand

The ultimate food festival for vegetarians in held every year in Phuket for nine days in September-October. Watch the entire city go vegetarian for these 9 days as this festival offers some of the best dishes. Not just this, but it also features a lot of entertainment like parades, music shows and other events throughout the nine days. Whether you’re a vegetarian or not,  give this fest a shot and let it change your mind about vegetarian food.


You can find local food festivals in most cities all year round and even if you miss the big ones, the smaller ones also offer some authentic local food. And the best way to explore the cuisines of a city is to walk into a food fest.

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