4 Cons of iPhones

Apple is one of the most famous smartphone brands across the world. However, along with the advantages, it also has some disadvantages.


Apparently one of the biggest disadvantages of iOS that is not letting it outshine the android operating system is its high price. iOS devices are very costly and their purchase can cause a big dent in your pocket. This is the reason, it is not very popular in the economically weaker section of the society.

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No customization

I mean there is literally no customization. The only thing you can ever do is change your wallpaper. On Android, you can change everything, and I mean everything. The app logo, the app name, the folder logo, and you get a file system if you ever need that. You can also flash custom ROMs if you’re into that.



You can’t expand the memory of your iOS devices. You have to live with the memory you got while purchasing the phone. If you have a low storage capacity in your iPhone and you wish to increase it, then the only way available is to change the device. iPhones with higher capacity are expensive and there is no way to increase your iPhones memory.

Battery Backup

iPhones have a very small in-built battery size and we don’t find Apple chargers very often. We usually run out of battery and without a common charger, things become even more difficult to use this phone. The only disadvantage I see in iPhones is their charger, which isn’t universal like more than 83% of the world’s phones have.

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