4 Easy ways to make life on Earth better

Technological advancements, fast fashion, artifical objects, industrialization and modernization have definitely made our lives easier to live. However, the kind of damage it has caused to our nature is beyond our imagination. Unfortunately, our planet, Earth won’t sustain if we continue to live the way we have been doing.

On this Earth day do not just put out some quotes and status, instead make a difference. How? By making little changes that help make earth, a better place to live in.

1. Shop responsibly

Just having money shouldn’t make you shop what you don’t need. Because you may have the space in your home to store it, but the earth doesn’t have unlimited space and proper disposal methods need to be adopted. Instead of buying multiple accessories that are affordable, invest in good quality brands that last long.

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2. Use electricity wisely

Do not act careless by letting your lights and fans on even while you aren’t in the room. Turn them on whenever you don’t need them.

3. Conserve water

The importance of water cannot be emphasized more. Though majorly consisting of water, the earth’s usable water is really less and we may soon go out of water if we continue to waste it. Save wherever it is possible. Whether it be by turning of taps or re-using water.

4. Be generous

Do not exploit poors by dominating on natural as well as materialistic things on the Earth. Try to donate and help as many people as you can.



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