We all have at least one such person in our life who gets gratification by insulting us in crowd by negatively commenting over our looks, taunting us for any mistake we made or mocking us for any act. How we respond to insults create a lot of impact. Some don’t take it to heart, they simply laugh upon it or ignore. While some, take it deep and cry over it in the corner of their rooms, and the last category of people are those who respond negatively to them or say, handle with anger or negative replies. So which catgeory is best and how should be responding to insults made to you in public? Read to know.

1. Ignore
The person who makes fun of you, does it so as to entertain people around you and your reaction is what makes him do it. So how about not giving any reaction at all? He may feel bored and stop insulting.

2. Exaggerate
Exaggerate his comments! Yes, make fun of yourself just like be did. It will make him feel like it doesn’t affect you and he would no longer waste his efforts.


3. Deal positively
Why to show yourself as the same in front of ten people? If he is insulting, be calm enough to listen and give a positive response to it.

4. Talk
If the insulting person is your close friend or family, it would not be possible to ignore them for long. So the best possible solution is to find the way out by talking to them, expressing how you feel about their way of talking and asking them to change their behaviour if they want to continue their relationship with you.

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