4 Factors to keep in mind when purchasing Headphones

Headphones have become a part of our life, and undoubtedly they have been improve our lives. No matter what we do, eat, work or go to sleep, and where we go, travel in plane, train or metro, headphones are our favourite favourite companion, without which life seeme incomplete.

So, a pair of quality headphones is must. But how to choose one that makes you feel contented when you plug in?

You need not to worry, we’ve made your task simpler, and easier. In the next couple of minutes, you’ll be clear with your need when choosing headphones for yourself.

Step 1- Consider it’s usage
Think about the way you’ll be using yoir headphones. Would it be while you are eating or travelling or gyming? Or for all of these? As, different headphones work better in different areas, thus considering the objectives will help you select better based on it’s specifications.

Step 2- Question youself ‘What Type of Headphones do i need?’
There are mainly three types, over ear headphone, on ear headphones and ear phones.
Over the ear ones are bulky and touch your temple area and upper jaw, on ear are more convenient and fall on ear only, and earphones are the smallest that fit your ear canal.

Step 3- Closed or Open-back headphones?
In closed back headphones, the outside sound doesn’t enter and inside sound doesn’t go out. While, in open back headphones, there’s an exchange in sound. So decide whether you wish to be affected by the outer world and want others to hear the sound you are, while you are plugged in.

Step 4- Wire or wireless?
The wireless do not have a wire attached that needs to be plugged into the phone socket and are bluetooth enabled.
Although majority of people will choose wireless, but it’s a personal choice and based on budget decision. So consider your choice.

We hope these decisions help you consider what exactly your need is, and lets you purchase an ideal pair of headphones.

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