4 Most common mistakes people on Diet do

Every year a large proportion of population goes on dieting or changes their diet to achieve better results, most commonly weight loss.

However, even then not many get their desired result. They fail as they commit some blunders. Following are some common mistakes people do when on diet:

1- Not weighing
It’s seen that some people do not even weight themselves before starting their diet. While, many do. But, they do not follow up their weights everyday or even every other day. Weighing helps understand the scale of increasing or decreasing weight and the relevant diet plans affecting it. However, many complaint that they feel discouraged or low self-esteem when they weigh day. It’s advisable to check it every other day and not to feel demotivated even if the weight got a rise.

2- Being too strict
If you think you’ll be able to keep yourself away from any sweet or oily food for the entire week or month, you are not pragmatic. No one can. Making such meal plans can only lead to anxiety and discouragement on not being able to follow that. Thus, it’s always recommended to make it worth following.

3- Skipping meal
Many people think that not eating at all can help lose weight. But it will never going to help you in long run. Starving yourself will only make you crave more and ultimately eat more and gain weight. Thus, never skip a meal. Always replace it with some protein and fiber-rich food items.

4- Not exercising
Although exercising isn’t a part of diet, but it will anyway affect the results you wish to achieve. If you truly wish to feel the results and lose weight, Workout! No other thing or diet can replace the benefits gained from workout. Choose any activity from sports to swimming, running or even brisk walking. But, ensure that you spend at least 40 mins doing it.

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