4 Natural ingredients which you should avoid using on skin

Since the lockdown, we have stopped wearing makeup and started using natural ingredients for our skin care.

Almost of the kitchen ingredients do not cause any harm to skin, there are few known to react negatively. Here’s what you should avoid using:

1. Baking soda/powder
Baking soda and powder are commonly used in DIYs for removing black heads from the skin, particularly nose. However, dermatologists aren’t in it’s supposed as it can cause skin irritation and inflammation.

2. Colgate
Colgate is popularly known for treating acne and is endorsed by celebrities and youtubers. However, dermatologists do not support its use as it may cause skin inflammation too.

3. Spices
Turmeric is actually beneficial for treating skin problems and lightening skin. However, it is natural turmeric(without color). Apart from turmeric, spices like cinnamon and black pepper are suggested by YouTubers, but skin experts oppose using them as it may cause skin /sun burn and irritation.

4. Vinegar
Vinegar is acidic, and due to its pH, some people suggest using it as a toner. However some dermats are against it’s usage because it smells terrible and its smell lasts long. Additionally, it may cause skin irritation, sunburn, chemical burn and depigmentation.

Thus, you should avoid using the above ingredients from your kitchen, and instead use fruits, veggies or lentils for DIYs.

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

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